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Maybe It's Time for a Change


Everyone has the desire to live their best life. 

The question, "Where do I begin?'  

The answer, "Right HERE!"

My mission is to assist you in your journey of transformation. We each have different goals, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and dreams. Regardless of where you are right now, your healthy lifestyle is right around the corner! 

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Amy Garbacz Enterprises, LLC

1218 Berkley Manor Dr, Cranberry Township, PA 16066, US

(814) 671-6338

About Amy



 I help aspiring entrepreneurial women find their ideal lifestyle.

If you are striving to look & feel better, design your dream career, escape from a job you no longer desire

 and create a legacy then I can help you.

I am a coach & advocate in the field of  health & wellness. My passion is to assist you in identifying and living  a lifestyle that you create, regardless of your age! 


  • Masters Degree in Health Industry
  • Masters Degree in  Education
  • Senior Fitness Instructor

Work History:

  • 16 plus  years  in education
  • Coach women through physical transformation
  • Provide support & opportunity to create financial legacy
  • Published blogger & 
  • Speaker

Other Info:

  • Escaped the hold of tenure,  unions, administration to use my expertise in education to assist others
  • Transitioned from the 9—5  to Entrepreneur, Mentor, Advocate